Pushcart Showdown

Pushcart Showdown


For those of us who prefer to walk a course, but don’t want to lug their bag, push carts are a great solution. You get the exercise of a long walk without the back pain from a carry bag. There are three models I consider the top of the class. Clicgear Model 3.0, Bag Boy Quad and Sun Mountain MicroCart. These are not the old style carts that fold in half and take up half your trunk. All of these fold into a smaller package by folding into thirds.

There are many features in common with all models. All have a storage console, storage net, hand brake and airless tires. The storage nets leave me wondering what I could store in them during a round.  An extra glove? My issue is what would keep in the storage net instead of my bag. The storage nets are usually zippered, so they aren’t as convenient as the console.  You wouldn’t keep your GPS or range finder in here as zipping and unzipping multiple times a hole would get old fast.

First off is the Clicgear. This model comes in the most colors with black, silver, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink, though I only ever see black and silver in the stores. The handle is a soft foam material which is quite comfortable. The material is soft enough that I worry about durability, mostly from bouncing around in the trunk. The Clicgear has a very large console, big enough to hold a GPS unit, which isn’t the case for the other models. The 3.0 folds into a small package, 13″x15″x24″. There are a couple of plastic latches to release to get the unit to fold. Of all the models, the Clicgear is the most cumbersome to fold down, though it is the smallest of the three when folded. The bag is held to the cart by two sets of bungee straps.  The straps are easily adjustable and hold the bag in place well.

Clicgear:  Plus: Console, straps  Minus: Folding

The Sun Mountain MicroCart has four wheels instead of the Clicgear’s three. Having four wheels should make the cart more stable, though steering would be more difficult. I’ve tried both three and four wheel models and I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in stability. The implication is that three wheel models are less stable and I’ve never noticed that. The steering isn’t much different for either as I push down on the handle to lift the wheels when I need to turn. The only difference I have noticed is when the bag is off the cart, the three wheel models are likely to tip over backwards if there is  extra weight in the storage console. The four wheel models have more weight in front due to the extra wheel and tipping isn’t likely.

On the MicroCart there is a large storage pouch between the back wheels running up the frame. This is big enough to carry a wind jacket. The MicroCart comes in four colors, black, silver, blue and red. The folding mechanism is simple with two latches to release.  The MicroCart folds to 12″x16″x24″. The bag is held to the cart with two small arms that squeeze the bag in place. This is a drawback for this model. I never felt it held the bag very well and took the most time to get adjusted.

MicroCart:  Plus: Folding, console  Minus: Straps

The Bag Boy Quad also has four wheels and comes in black, silver, white, blue, red, and yellow. The console on the Quad is the smallest of the bunch and leaves room for a few pencils and tees. The Quad has the quickest folding mechanism. Pull a handle to release and one latch and it folds to 16″x17″x24″. The latch and handle are in the easiest locations compared to the other models. The bag is held to the cart by one strap with velcro, which can be adjusted.

Quad:  Plus: Folding, strap  Minus: Console

Best by category

Console: Clicgear

Storage: MicroCart

Straps: Clicgear

Folding: Quad

I was in the market for a new push cart this summer and I chose the Quad. The only minus was the small console, the rest was a plus.  It came down to the folding was simpler compared to the others.


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